October 2016 - Present

Founder and Software Engineer

We are currently building a virtual reality analytics tool made specifically for developers and VR content creators.





System Builder VR

October 2015

I helped build a virtual reality proof-of-concept that allows a user to build a PC while experiencing total immersion. Using IBM's Bluemix API, we have text to speech narration about individual computer components and how they interact as a whole to illustrate the power of VR as an educational medium.






I helped create a proof-of-concept Virtual Reality platform designed for 3D visualization and simulation of nano-scale structures to facilitate collaboration, education, research, and drug development.

  •   Implemented algorithms for atomic interactions with C++ 
  •   Structured VR environments
  • Created and textured immersive skyboxes and meshes of tertiary  protein structures using Photoshop, modeling software, and Unreal Engine 



Retail Account Management Application in Ruby on Rails & PostgreSQL

October 2014

Currently using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL to create a financial banking application that will allow users to securely add and login to multiple bank accounts with password hashing, transfer money, credit and debit accounts, view account statements, and calculate interest on their balance.

Huffman Coding in C++

October 2014

Currently implementing the Huffman coding algorithm to compress and decompress a file. The program will read the contents of the file named by its first command line argument, construct a Huffman tree for the contents of that file, and use the Huffman tree to encode the data into binary. We will also implement the binary file I/O.

Unicalc in Java

May 2014

Created a calculator program that handles numerical quantities including physical and other units using an interpreter that tokenizes a user input, parses it, evaluates it, and then prints the result. Wrote the methods to manipulate and convert quantities into other units, and methods that parsed a list of tokens to produce an Abstract Syntax Tree.

Binary Search Tree Implementation in C++

October 2014

Implemented a binary search tree including the basic "insert" and "find" operations, as well as the iterator pattern with a successor function using concepts from the C++ Standard Template Library. Created unit tests to ensure the program was working as intended.

Hand Compilation in ARM Assembly

August 2014

Used ARM Assembly to write a program to determine whether a string is a substring of another string. Converted strings to ints. Iteratively and recursively implemented functions that could print 100 ints in sequential and then reverse order. Created a binary search function in ARM.

GDB, Valgrind, & Array Implementation of a Sorted List in C & ARM Assembly

August 2014

Implemented a list as an array of integer elements in C & ARM Assembly. Used Valgrind to test for memory leaks by analyzing a stack trace to determine where the bytes were allocated.